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"Plasma Sky is a rock-solid shoot-'em-up that delivers a short, intense experience, plus leaderboard fun."
Slide To Play

"Itís an exhilarating visual treat that is the best in the App Store at delivering the classic Galaga style"

"nails the essentials and is a joy to control"
Android Rundown

"if you're looking for an accessible, entertaining arcade shooter it comes highly recommended."
Pocket Gamer

"Plasma-Sky is a solid addition to the ever-expanding galaxy of shmups"
Touch Arcade

"Easily one of the top shooters on Android."
Green Robot Gamer

"great gameplay with even better looking graphics"
Droid Life

"almost impossible to put down"
Apps Looking

"If you like your bullet hell shooters to be retro tinged, neon coloured, and full of explosive power ups, then today is your lucky day"
App Spy

"a brand new space shooter game with a retro feel"

"As everything else in this remote part of the universe, he was made of Neon, and he was a badassÖ"
Bit Maiden

"Plasma-Sky has a great balance in gameplay and a rewarding scoring system... itís absolutely worth experiencing"

"Carter and John Dunbar talk about his new game Plasma Sky, along with discussing how this side effort fits in with his day job at Runic Games, known for Torchlight."
The Portable Podcast, Episode 179

"Underneath the visuals lay pseudo-hardcore gameplay mechanics that should appeal to both casual and hardcore shooter fans alike."

"Plasma Sky is just the game that will give you all the excitement and action you will ever need."
The Droid Guy

"This game is as cool as the other side of a pillow."

"you'll find plenty to enjoy in Plasma Sky's 80-level campaign"
Pocket Gamer

"Neon graphics, fast moving foes, and chirpy sound effects."
Android Police

"a slick neon presentation with plenty of action"

"incorporates all the usual features one expects from a space shooter, and does them all very well indeed."
dial a phone

"Old school shooter fans, grab Plasma Sky- you wonít regret it."
Gaming On Batteries

"The neon vector graphics, and music fit the retro style perfectly."
Calm Down Tom

"looks lovely, plays wonderfully"

"an almost perfect example of what a modern Shmup can be"
Android Dissected

"Plasma Sky is perfect for adding some high-octane arcade action to the daily commute home"

"very addictive game play"

5 of 5 stars

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